Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doxies on vacation

This fun card is by Jeanette of our design team (see her blog here) with  some of our new doxie stamps for the Florida rescue together on a layout as doxies on vacation (doxie watching the dolphins; doxie snorkeling; and doxachino).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cards by our customers

Here are 2 cards made by customer Holly using our birthday doxie stamp. Thanks Holly for sharing what you've made :)

Maisy's new vest

Here is our Maisy with her new vest made by Ellyn of the House of Three Long Dogs. It has daisys on it and sparkles :) Thanks Ellyn!

Friday, April 10, 2009

ok its not a doxie but they were cute!

Chicks seen at the local farm and barn store! They were running around like crazy LOL

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Man, Man Muffin Man is not feeling too good

Yup the Muffin Man and his tongue that sticks out all the time, was sick last nite. He has some bacterial something or other, is on meds (dh Mark got them) while I was at work. Last nite was a very messy evening with things going on at both ends of Muffin. He has been doing a lot of resting today and did eat breakfast after skipping supper and being npo (nothing per os or by mouth) last nite and thru the nite. Here is a pic of him--you can see a bit of his tongue.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is Mocca, owned by my friend Vicki from Illinois. Isn't she sweet?

Friday, April 3, 2009

FIshing doxie!

Yup doxies fish, well here at CowTown they do! This one (the new fishing doxie) has caught our bass fish, but use your imagination to see what that doxie could have on his fishing line! Our "fishing for the right words.." word stamp is layered over a cuttlebug piece of purple paper. Its been a fun day of creating! I have more stamps lined up and waiting for me, including swaps I am in. One of the swaps is called "bad dog" and of course our doxies are never bad (ya right!) but if you think of anyway I could stamp them being bad, please let me know. I have a few ideas but welcome yours!

The Flamingos

Here is another card I just made using the doxie riding a flamingo and doxie on the beach pawprints as a background, and our eyelet flamingo stamp set.

Meet Orange the doxie!

Here is a card I just made with our new Orange, the doxie stamp. Also used is our carved orange slice and a piece of orange/yellow ombre ribbon. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The new doxiestamps are here!!

Yup the new molds for the new stamps are here!

Here is Shelly in her dress at the seashore and our doxiegg.
More new art will be on the web page soon.
The new stamps, once on the web page, can be purchased now.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Song that touched me yesterday

"this is the day of new beginnings, this is where my freedom starts, now death has lost its sting..."

I heard this song called Dependence by Jamie Slocum yesterday while I was looking at an old picture of Yoi after she crossed the bridge. The words touched me and made me cry and think that at the bridge she is free and no longer lost. It's a neat religious song. Even tho it made me cry, I felt His comfort :)

I manage to get them with their tongues out when I take pictures; isn't Yoi sweet?

Welcome to doxiestamps blog!

Welcome to my new doxiestamps blog.

Just wanted to have a place to post pics of the dogs (dachshunds), and their friends and humans, share some feelings about our dogs and life with them.

Today is April 1st, but yesterday I made the decision to put down our oldest doxie Yoi, who was almost 17. We had her for only 3 years, but I think we were able to give her 3 good golden years--as best as she was able. We think she had dementia of some sort, nothing was diagnosed, but often she would walk around lost, or walking in circles as of late, stand in a corner or behind a door or crawl under the hutch or the futon. Yoi wasn't an affectionate dog, tho I picked her up as often as I could, giving her a hug, an ear rub, a kiss on the head, a belly rub. She and our other old doxie, Muffin Man, just don't like belly rubs. Our newest addition to the family, Maisy loves them as did our first doxie, Josie who we put down about a year ago due to health issues. Some dogs are very outgoing friendly and some are not. I bet Yoi 
was more of a lover when she was younger.

I guess I'm drawn to the older doxies who need someone. It was a very hard decision to put her down but I knew in my heart that she needed peace and rest as she was heading down hill health wise and quality of life wise. I held her in my arms to the very end, rubbing her head and talking to her. Took a lot of pics of her yesterday and while talking to my friend Patti, she suggested I do some paw prints before going to the vet, so as some of you know ive been into rubber stamps as my job/life for over 20 years, so I pulled out a black ink pad and stuck her paws into it. She tolerated it well and now I have 2 small pages of her paw prints. I got a collage frame today at wallyworld and am gonna put in some pics of her and put it in our living room. Will do the same with Josie's pix. Time to take down the pictures i took in colorado years ago anyway :)
Here is my favorite picture of Yoi. More pictures coming soon.